Start a Garden

“A community garden is 10% garden and 90% community.”

Bobby Wilson
past president of the American Community Garden Council
and founder of Metro Atlanta Urban Farm

Are you considering starting a community garden? According to the American Community Garden Association, a community garden is any piece of property gardened by a group of people. It can be any type of garden—flower, vegetable, raised bed, furrowed row, public, private…the options are almost as varied as the communities involved.

But, as in all things worthwhile, there is work involved in establishing a garden. First, you will need at least a handful of interested participants with a desire to make your garden a success. So, gather these folks and don’t go it alone!

Next, you will need some land that has at least six hours of sunlight each day (eight or more hours is recommended for vegetable gardening), access to water, and an arrangement that allows you to use the land with other people, to garden together with some rules and regulations.

Please visit our resources page to access links with expert information on starting a garden.

And, we urge you to join CCG by filling our online registration form, and participate in our quarterly meetings to receive ongoing support to grow your community garden.

We hope you will start your garden, and prepare to grow and harvest a great sense of community.

Happy Gardening,

Debbie Abernathy

Chair of Cobb Community Gardeners and Cobb Master Gardener