Feed The Hungry

Feeding the hungry often seems like something to do elsewhere—in other countries, in the inner city, in someone else’s neighborhood. Unfortunately, food insecurity is an obstacle that threatens the health of people throughout the United States. Food insecurity is a condition where a family cannot access adequate amounts of nutritious food, necessary for a healthy life.

Food insecurity affects at least one out of every five children in the United States, which means many American households are unsure about where they will find their next meal.

According to Map the Meal Gap, in 2013, more than 14% (nearly 100,000 people) of the Cobb County population lived with food insecurity.

Food deserts contribute to the condition of food insecurity. Food deserts are those parts of our communities where residents have low access to healthy, affordable foods, due to distance from supermarkets and grocery stores. A recent mapping project by Georgia Tech identified food deserts throughout metro Atlanta. Cobb County also suffers from this problem.

You can make a difference with a Plant a Row program.

Cobb Community Gardens is helping others through helping gardens.