FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is a community garden?
    Paraphrased from the American Community Garden Association, a community garden is any piece of land gardened by a group of people. It could be a garden of vegetables or flowers. It can be a school garden, a roadside garden, a donation garden, or a combination of several types of gardens.
  • Is there a garden near me I can join?
    Please use our Find a Garden map to see community gardens located in Cobb County with open membership. Then, contact the coordinator or manager close to you about garden availability.
  • Can I volunteer in a community garden?
    Yes! Please complete the form on our Donate and Volunteer page.
  • Can you tell me about CCG and how I can help?
    Cobb Community Gardens (CCG) is an association of community garden managers and those who work with community gardens, in partnership with Master Gardener Volunteers of Cobb County and UGA Extension Cobb County. The group was formed in October 2013.You, your business or your community group can help by volunteering in a garden. You can also donate gently used tools, mulch or materials to build raised beds, make financial contributions, and help locate land for possible new gardens.
  • How can my garden or organization join CCG?
    You can join CCG by filling our online registration form. Download form and submit back to
  • How do I start a new community garden?
    Please visit our Resources page to access links with expert information on starting and growing a garden.
  • Can you answer a gardening question?
    For great answers to gardening questions, based on local information, email Debbie Abernathy, Chair of Cobb Community Gardeners and Cobb Master Gardener, at, or call UGA Extension Cobb County at 770-528-4070.