About Us

Our Mission:

To share ideas, information, and resources to help support and promote community gardens throughout Cobb County.

Cobb Community Gardens (CCG) is an association of community garden managers and those who work with community gardens, in partnership with Master Gardener Volunteers of Cobb County and UGA Extension Cobb County. The group was formed in October 2013.

Our mission is to share ideas, information and resources, to help support and promote community gardens throughout Cobb County.

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Member Gardens are of different sizes, missions and ages, located throughout Cobb County. Some gardens produce food for member use, and some for local food pantries. The gardens, located along roadsides and near schools, provide a positive impact for the community.

CCG helps Member Gardens by cataloging existing community gardens and their membership requirements. Cobb Community Gardens embraces member organizations that support, help establish and grow community gardens.

Our group assists interested citizens in finding a community garden to join. We promote dialogue, by sharing knowledge and experience among community gardeners.

CCG helps the community by assisting in planning, designing and managing community gardens. The association provides education on the many benefits of community gardens, promotes new gardens to increase the quantity, and improve access to community gardens.

Cobb Community Gardens is a focal point for community initiatives and volunteer opportunities. We provide opportunities to enhance team-building skills and donate community service hours. Our association also welcomes in-kind donations at our gardens.

The Cobb Community Garden Council is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, which relies on public support. To request more information about CCG or to volunteer, please email